Mighty Heroes

1 Corinthians 12:23

The Mighty Heroes was a cartoon series in 1966 that ran for only one season, 20 episodes in all. In spite of it’s short TV life, the show played an important part in my five year old mind. Whenever we would get together with our extended family, we either played football or Mighty Heroes or both. We each had an important role in this scenario because the world had to be saved from villains. The Justice League couldn’t get the job done and The Avengers came up short. They sometimes fought each other! But The Mighty Heroes always came out victorious. Here’s how it went: (descriptions shamelessy plagiarized from Wikipedia)

  • Strong Man has super strength. He speaks with a friendly farm-boy type of accent and holds a civilian job as a mechanic. His favorite fighting move is his “jet-propelled blow” by which he flies into a villain fist-first. (This was Eddie. He was the biggest and strongest of us.)
  • Rope Man is a sailor who works at the docks. Erudite with a British accent, he can transform into is a seemingly unending length of rope. He can use his hands like lassos, and can even weave himself into a net. The drawbacks to his powers are that he often gets tangled up or knotted, not rarely around his own teammates. (This was Pennye because she had long arms and long legs.)
  • Tornado Man is a television weather forecaster who can spin himself into a tornado. He often sucks the villains into his vortex, then shoots them out toward the nearest wall. He speaks in a wheezy voice. (Darrell took this spot because he could spin around in fast circles without getting dizzy.)
  • Cuckoo Man is a bird-shop owner whose powers are the most limited of the group. Unlike the other heroes, who can fly with no effort, Cuckoo Man has to flap his arms almost constantly in order to keep aloft. (I was Cuckoo Man because I could flawlessly reproduce the sound of a cuckoo clock.)
  • Diaper Man is a red-headed, diapered, yet fully articulate baby as well as the leader of the group, who sounds a lot like Popeye the sailor. His main weapon is his bottle, which by holding on to the rubber nipple, he can swing around (or shoot like a slingshot) forcefully. (Of course, this was David because he was the youngest, and he sucked his thumb.)


The Mighty Heroes were different. Although they each had some special power, their super-outfits all bore the same insignia – a capital H – a true sign of unity. Other superheroes, like Super Man, had their own insignia; how self-centered. Not these guys; they were a true team who were never at odds. They never faced a foe that any single one could defeat alone. By necessity, it was always a team effort. Also, their powers were…different…unexpected. Who would ever think a baby bottle or a half-loony bumbler would be the ultimate difference between victory and defeat.

So we would put on our bath towel capes, force David to wear a cup towel diaper, and “fly” out into the yard in search of ne’er-do-wells. Eddie clinched his mighty fists, Pennye swung her long arms, Darrell spun quickly in tight circles, I loudly cuckoo-ed and furiously flapped, and David…sucked his thumb and ran around (he was only three).

I often tend to be a loner, and it’s hard for me to admit I need anyone. I regularly chose solitude because I felt I didn’t fit in well.  When I realized there were other odd-balls in the world, I began to open up a bit. At some point, each of us has to realize we need the help of friends, however strange they may be. God has often blessed me in unconventional ways through unconventional friendships. For these, I am grateful.

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