Coming Soon


The Spoiler is a new fiction work co-authored by Wes and his friend, Andora. The book should be available for purchase in a few months. Below is an excerpt.

Delta’s flat voice came from the darkest corner of the room. She seemed to like the dark. Janesh remembered how he had almost killed her, thinking she was a Wanderer. When you hide in the dark, what do you expect? In a sense, she was a wanderer. They had found her roaming the streets at night, half-dazed, and apparently not caring if she lived or died. Fine for her, but that could be trouble for everyone else. True Wanderers don’t really hide, though; they just come when you’re not looking. Even when you are looking, you don’t always see them. They appear from the place you just walked past. Focus! He turned around and started setting out the tin bowls.


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